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"Be Active & Eat w/ a Purpose!" -DK

A Healthy Lifestyle
It not only will help you get to your goal, but it's a maintainable lifestyle. The time & energy you
invest to get to your goal is a long term investment, you won't have to learn a whole new plan
once you get to your goal. You can just to stay focused on living your fit lifestyle.

An Effective Plan
The Combination of The Diet & Workout Plan are specifically designed to Increase Your
Metabolism & Turn Your Body Into a Fat Burning Machine when u Eat, Train, & While @
Rest so that you Can Get In Ur Best Shape & Live Ur Fit Lifestyle.

• Through the type of Workout, Design of the Actual Workout, Choice of Exercises,
Proper Form of Exercises & Weekly Workout Plan.

• Through The Types of Foods, Combination of Foods, Timing of Meals, The
Portions, Pre-Post Workout Meal/Plan, Hydration, & Recovery.

An Efficient Plan
Don't Waste Ur Time in the Gym or Kitchen! This entire program is setup to maximize your
time from learning the plan, implementing, to living the plan. This Workout & Nutritional plan
is about optimizing your time in the gym & the kitchen. It is so efficient when in place that you
can focus on living Ur Fit Lifestyle & reaching all the goals in Ur Life.

• Online Workout Video Membership
• Workout Plan
• How 2 Further Upgrade Ur Workout
• Meal Plan Portions
• Meal Options
• A Grocery List
• A Weekly Sweat Fit Lifestyle Plan
• Cooking Tips
• How 2 Focus on What U Want
• How to Know Ur Burning Fat
• How to Measure Ur Progress
• Ur Weekly Meal Plan
• Ur Weekly Grocery List
• Ur Fit Lifestyle Plan in Action
• Common Mistakes
• Traveling & Eating Out
• How To Maintain Ur Sweat Fit Lifestyle

"Train & Eat 2 Change Ur Body!" -DK



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